Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mom and Pop Cuntry Cove: Celebrating our 50th Anniversary!

When we first opened our doors, and our hearts, on August 27th, 1959, little did we know our humble little store would grow to be such a success.

Founded on the principle that even good church going folk like to get freaky in the bedroom, Mom and Pop Cuntry Cove ahs provided the tri-town area with discrete "service" and high quality products for the past 50 years. Of course we would have never made it past those first ten years if it hadn't been for the surrounding community, who, for all their talk of immorality, sure did constitute a large portion of our client base.

Like Mrs. Wingdon, the kindergarten teacher who buys a gallon of KY every week. Doctor Hanscom who has worn out three swings. And Reverend Murphy, who buys a butt plug once a month. Yes, we couldn't have been this successsful wihtou lowayl customers like them and many others, all of whom we keep a very detailed list of. Very detailed. And we feel confident that they would never take their business elsewhere. Like the new "Spankin'" outlet opening up next door, because, like we said, we know who our clients are and it would be a shame if everyone else did as well.

Here's to another 50 great years servicing the community!

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