Sunday, September 6, 2009

Baby Shower!

Somebody's Pregnant!

After years and years of trying, I am proud to announce that we are pregnant. And we are having a baby shower this Sunday. tehre will be cake and ice cream, coffee, a magician, pancakes, goat sacrificces and a dominatrix. So don't hesitate to bring the little ones. There will be plenty to keep them occupied. It is B.Y.O.W. - Bring your own wives, because, as always, the orgy starts right after the goat sacrifice.

So please come join us in celebrating the impending birth of what will (fingers crossed) be the Anti-Christ. 17th time's the charm.

Word of caution: Mind the open graves. I haven't gotten around to fully burying the infertile wives yet and I don't want to have a lawsuit on my hands should anyone happen to trip and fall into one.

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